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El Salvador Sierra Nevada

El Salvador Sierra Nevada

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Region: Cerro El Aguila, El Salvador

Process: Natural

Varietal: Bourbon, Pacas

Elevation: 1,400 –1500 MASL

The Producer:

Edward Newald Meza is a 4th generation Coffee Producer. Edwards 57-hectare farm is located in the region of Cerro El Aguila in the Canton Las Naranjos Zone. The farm is predominantly flat with a humid microclimate, where the average temperature is 22 degrees Celsius.

The Process:

Natural processed coffee can also be called ‘Natural Sundried’ or ‘Dry Process’. Once the cherry has been picked it gets floated in water and sorted to remove any under-ripe or over-ripe fruit. Once complete the coffee is then taken to dry on either drying beds or patios.

Espresso recipe 

DOSE: 20G 
TIME: 25-30Sec