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Panama Nelson Montenegro (Static Cherry Processing)

Panama Nelson Montenegro (Static Cherry Processing)

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Variety: Geisha, Catuai, Typica, Caturra

Processing: Static Cherry

Taste - Cherry, Red grape, Toffee

Farmer Description

Nelson Montenegro is 60 years old and has been working in coffee for his whole life. He inherited his farm from his parents, and is quite active in its operations today. With 18 hectares of producing land, and seven more dedicated to green space, this is no small task.

He employs up to 25 people in the area, with more during the harvest. Nelson grew up living and breathing coffee, and his commitment to quality is noticeable in every aspect from the nursery to the drying beds, or fermentation tanks.

Located in Palmira Arriba, Boquete.


82 Hour Anaerobic Fermentation
Plastic Circular Tanks

Static Cherry is where we begin to explore newer horizons and begin to leave the traditional behind. We see more development of lactic acidity in the cup, darker fruit notes, with a big, creamy body. We begin to see more complex notes appear, with more nuances within each canvas. The physical appearance of the raw material begins to take its own form, taking on a yellowish-brown color.