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Variety: SL-28, SL-34.

Processing: Natural

Crop year: 2019

Farm Description

Background: Tatu Estate is one of the prestigious coffee farms belonging to Kofinaf Company limited. The farm is located in Ruiru division, Juja district, Thika sub-county, in Kiambu county. Kofinaf is the leading single private coffee producing contributing to approximately 8.5% of the total coffee produced in Kenya.

Location: Tatu Estate farm lies approximately 25 km from the capital city of Kenya Nairobi and 7km from Ruiru town along Ruiru-Kiambu road. At an altitude of about 1570 meters above sea level, the estate experiences fairly conducive climatic conditions for production of coffee.

Processing: Coffee cherries here undergo wet processing method. This method basically uses water right from pulping, fermenting and soaking. The processed coffee is then dried in the drying tables under sun until it attains the correct moisture for storage and then taken into well aerated conditioning bins before storing and packing for the milling.

Water used for processing is re-circulated so as to ensure economical water consumption.

When the weather is not conducive for normal sun drying, use of electric generated driers is applied. Extreme hygienic conditions are observed during handling and processing of cherries.