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Guatemala Finca Xenacoj

Guatemala Finca Xenacoj

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Farm Information

Coffee activity in Guatemala is in the hands of 102,000 producers. 90% of them are smallholders and create around one million jobs between picking, coffee processing, and transportation. According to IHCAFE, coffee is now Guatemala main agricultural product for exportation, adding more than 3% to the country's GDP and close to 30% to the agricultural GDP.

Unlike many other countries some of which are dealing with a rapidly ageing producer population the average age of Honduran producers is falling, and currently sits at an average of 46 years of age, which is 10 years younger than they were 10 years ago. Most of these farmers are small and independent, and will support over a million jobs during the harvesting and processing season.

Guatemala has followed a long path towards becoming one of the biggest producers of coffee in the world, but has managed to do so successfully in addition to producing specialty coffee of great quality. 

    Espresso recipe 

    DOSE: 20G 
    YIELD: 40G 
    TIME: 25-30Sec