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Ethiopia Dararo Yirg

Ethiopia Dararo Yirg

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Variety: Heirloom.

Processing: Natural.

Crop year: 2019.

Farm Description

The Dararo Farmer's Group was created in 2019, with 25 farmers from the Gedeo region of Yirgacheffe. Since 2016 our export partner G Broad had been running an incredibly successful project with the Jabanto producer group, and decided to expand the project with the producers in Dararo. The farms range in size from 2.3 - 6 hectares, with the average size being 3.8 ha.

The focus of the Dararo group is to produce excellent quality naturals and washed coffees from the high altitude farms of Yirgacheffe. Going forward, the group will be dividing lots by individual producers and varieties, with the production of processing sets scheduled for the near future. Kudhume, Walisho and Dega are the three most common varieties being grown in Yirgacheffe, along with some improved varieties developed by coffee breeders in Jimma.

Coffees from the Dararo group are typical juicy and floral, with lots of tropical fruits and hibiscus.