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El Salvador Emilio Lopez Diaz

El Salvador Emilio Lopez Diaz

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Variety: Pacamara

Processing: Natural

Taste - Berry, Banana, Marmalade

Farm Description

Farm: El Manzano
Farmer: Emilio Lopez Diaz
Region: El Salvador, Apaneca-Illamatepec, Santa Ana
Altitude: 1450 MASL

Finca El Manzano, founded in 1872, had belonged to Emilio Lopez Diaz's family for generations. In 2005, he expanded the operation by replanting new varieties to the farm and by building Beneficio El Manzano .The new cultivars and production facility gave Emilio the opportunity to experiment with different processes as well as the ability explore the different characteristics that the other cultivars have to offer. This degree of cultivation and control of the process has been at the forefront of what makes Finca El Manzano so special. Coffee from El Manzano has continued to three national barista championships and first and second place finishes in the 2018 El Salvador CoE.
This lot of Pacamara Natural is just one example of the good farming practices and meticulous processing methods that can be found on Finca E Manzano. The ripe cherries are carefully sorted before going out onto the drying patios for 9 days.
The result is a coffee with intense berry sweetness, followed by notes of banana & marmalade. This coffee has a heavy body and very nice overall sweetness.