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Colombia Helena Salazar
Colombia Helena Salazar
Colombia Helena Salazar
Colombia Helena Salazar

Colombia Helena Salazar

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Variety: Castillo

Processing: Extended Fermentation

Farm Description

Luz Helena Salazar is the matriarch of the Arcila family. Mother to Carlos and Felipe (the brothers who head up operations for Cofinet in Australia and Colombia respectively), she is a strong, warm and talented leader and a lifelong advocate for Colombian grown coffee.

Luz Helena grew up in Armenia, Quindio - in the heartland of coffee growing country in the Paisa region, a rural area that lies at the western end of the Andes mountains. The region - encompassing Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda and Tolima - is well known for growing the majority of Colombian coffee.

Unsurprisingly, Luz Helena has grown to be an extremely talented coffee farmer, due to her agricultural knowledge, resourcefulness and, perhaps most importantly, her talent for managing people.

This lot of Caturra was grown at 1400 masl at Finca Maracay in Quindio. Maracay has been owned by the Arcila family since 1990, when they transformed it into a coffee farm. Initially, the farm was planted with Catimor; in 2015 they expanded and planted Castillo and Caturra varieties.

The cherries were picked with very strict parameters for ripeness, then floated, placed in grain pro bags for 24 hours, then pulped and left to ferment with the mucilage on for another 24 hours exposed to air. Finally the coffee was quickly washed and then dried on raised beds until reaching its ideal moisture level.