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Colombia Andres Guaca (Carbonic Maceration Natural)

Colombia Andres Guaca (Carbonic Maceration Natural)

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Variety: Caturra

Processing: Carbonic Maceration 200hrs

Taste - Red Apple, Cocoa, Pomegranate

Farm Description

Andres Guaca, a third generation coffee producer, five years ago made a change towards producing speciality coffees by improving post-harvest practices with controlled experimental fermentation techniques.

Located in Acevedo, Huila.


Carbonic maceration is essentially when coffee is macerated (fermented) in a carbon-dioxide rich environment. After being picked, coffee cherries are placed into what are typically airtight stainless steel barrels.

Once placed inside, CO2 is pumped into the barrel, which then allows the coffee cherries to break down different levels of pectins. This processing typically creates bright and winey coffees with strong notes of red fruits.