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Indonesia Gayo

Indonesia Gayo

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Variety: Hybrido da Timor

Processing: Semi Washed

Crop year: ...2021

Farm Description

The Gayo Highlands is renowned as the largest producer of Arabica coffee in Southeast Asia.

The Aceh Province of the Indonesian archipelago’s northern island of Sumatra, was hindered by conflict with the GAM independence movement until 2005. The effect of the Tsunami in 2004 literally sucked the life out of the rebels with estimates of 25,000 killed. The effect forced through a peace agreement that has achieved some stability. By 2006 the area was safe to visit and the high quality coffee industry was accessible again.

One feature of this growing area is the high number of farmers who use totally organic growing measures. There is little in the way of organic certification in the region, but it is hardly necessary when only a handful of farms actually use chemical fertilizers or weed control.
This is a quality, shade grown coffee, that benefits from the highly detailed and pedantic processing methods typical of Aceh coffee.

Photos provided by Condesa Coffee.