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Burundi Rusekabuye

Burundi Rusekabuye

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Variety: Bourbon.

Processing: Washed.

Crop year: 2019.

Farm Description

The Rusekabuye mill is one of 13 mills that form the Akawa project. A joint venture between SUCCAM and Supremo, the Akawa project was created to help producers escape the cycle of poverty in a sustainable and equitable way. Producers, striving for fairer remunerations and better living conditions, demanded a path towards prosperity. As such the project's working directives are based around UTZ certification standards, focusing on good agricultural practices, environmental responsibility and social equity as the central tenets of success for project members.

Literally meaning the ‘man that hit a stone with his head and broke it in thousands of pieces’, the Rusekabuye mill is the youngest mill participating in the Akawa project. The producers that contribute cherry to Rusekabuye are scattered below the protected primitive forest that towers above the mill itself. The mill agronomist Amiable, or 'kind' in English,is an impressively young 25 years of age. With wisdom beyond his years, he has enacted a strict hygiene and cleanliness policy, ensuring that producers and workers are taking measures to safeguard against illness, as well as providing the ideal conditions for producing clean, sweet and delicious coffee.